Right Numbers Wrong Lotto

wrong lotto
Monday December 24, 2018 04:16 am

The Lottery Lab Staff

An interesting incident happened in 2013. It was Friday the 13th and it proved to be truly unlucky for a retired woman in the Alsace region of Eastern France. She had played the national lottery every week without any fail until that unlucky Friday when she decided to do something else!

She normally bought a ”Super Lotto” lottery ticket with the same six numbers in hope to win the jackpot. On Friday, December 13th, she was tempted by a €43 million prize in the Euromillions lottery (not her regular “Super Lotto”). So, she abandoned Super Lotto for one day and played the Euromillions lottery instead. She also decided to stick with the same combination of six numbers she normally played:1-6-16-32-41-1

The shocking thing was her numbers did win.  On the Super Lotto game!

When she checked the winning number the next day she fainted believing that she had won the lottery. But true to Friday the 13th’s bad luck, she had the winning numbers for the wrong lottery. The trusty numbers that she had played for years turned out to be the jackpot winning numbers for the Super Lotto, not the Euromillions Lottery which she played instead. Now she regrets abandoning her faithful game. What is worse, someone played her numbers on the Super Lotto game and won the jackpot.

The Super Lotto jackpot was worth €16 million and if she had played the right lottery, she could have won a cool €8 million after sharing with the other winner. But it was an unlucky night for the pensioner and she missed out on the jackpot. Maybe this is the reason it is wise to stay consistent while playing the lottery. You don’t want the regret of missing out on a life-changing prize. Here is another incident to inspire you to play the same number. No one knows when it will be your turn to win the lottery. Keep playing and be consistent!